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 What the Ministry is all about.

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PostSubject: What the Ministry is all about.   Sun Jan 06, 2008 4:09 pm

We are the Arcane Ministry, a guild in Guild Wars. Yes, we are new, and mainly PvE, but we accept any players from low lvl, to seasoned vet. from PvE to PvP. Everyone has their own style of play and we play the game for fun as it was meant to be. If you truly want to be with us, I emplore you to read though the forums and get to know us a little. We're a crazy bunch, but a fun bunch at that.

Our Rules and Guidelines are posted here: Rules and Guidelines

"Wizardry is not just magic, It is the magic of the human heart. Focused and made manifest by your soul. Adepts can shape it, use it, mold it, and learn from it. It is within that ambiguity that my brothers and I exist.

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What the Ministry is all about.
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