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 Elite's very late app XD

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PostSubject: Elite's very late app XD   Thu Jan 17, 2008 3:28 am

Your name* (Or nickname)- TheElite1

Your Age*- 14

Your timezone* (or area) - PST

E-mail- (pm an officer or leave blank) (shush, you!)

Time dedication*- Several hours a week

Game dedication*- Guild Wars, UT2004, soon to be Mabinogi (ftw)

Event dedication*- ill do my best to attend events to the best of my ability

Character names and professions*- X Elite Slayer X- Monk / Rusty Paper- Ranger / Loling On Fire- Elementalist

Your best gaming quality*- The ablility to quickly learn and adapt to different situations, and aiming Smile

Game style*- Line em' up, knock 'em down! (a sniper to the face works too =D)

How you found us- Integra Integra Integra

What will you contribute*- You already know =D
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Elite's very late app XD
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