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 Kinvarous - Syndicate Enforcer

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Mr. Wizard

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PostSubject: Kinvarous - Syndicate Enforcer   Wed Feb 06, 2008 3:15 pm


Name - Kinvarous
Code Name - Mr. Wizard
Rank - Syndicate Enforcer
Age - Mid thirties
Age of Empowerment - Unknown
Hair - Bald
Eyes - Blue
Height - 6'3
Weight - 210

Goals/Destiny - The same as any self-respecting Technocrat....Fool

Quote -"A new piece of technology doesn't add or subtract anything." "It changes everything."

Hobbies - "I have the authority to break both your legs and pull off your thumbs." "Sir."

Personal Bio -

Kinvarous stands at 6'3 and has a solid build of 210 lbs. Within the Union and working in the offices in the casino, He looks like any other normal Technocrat. Conformical black suit, polished shoes, and a new spiffy tie, he is a favorite among many supervisors and VPO's. Out in the field however, he takes on the trend of a detective, twill mesh cargo pants, and thick soled Digger shoes with steel mesh toes. Along with his thick twill/kevlar weaved greatcloak, no Reality Deviant would think of him as a high-ranking member of the Technocracy.

Kinvarous has been with the Technocracy for about 10 years and within that time has been promoted to the rank of Enforcer and now leads the successful and well-known Amalgam, 'Sillouette', which is based outside the Salt Flats of Utah, but it's offices are located in Dieffenbakkers Casino in Vancouver Canada. He has had extensive training in finances, firearms, martial arts, and survival, as well as an interest in the fields of science and medicine, pharmacopoeia, interrogation and torture.

As a member of the Difference Engineers before they rebelled, Kinvarous gleaned invaluable insight to the construction of many of the Technocracy's devices. From that knowledge, he constructed his own pair of custom Mirrorshades, with camera and night vision lenses and poisoned fletchettes for up close assassinations. His weapon of choice is a Mjollnir Mk. IV. It is a heavy pistol, and he converted his to a handgun that uses clips of heavy grain shells that rip though concrete and inflicts horrid damage to living organisms. His enhancement is a sub-dermal computer processor which he can use to hack any computer system and assimilate data at incredible speeds. The sub-dermal can also be used to wipe data disks clean, plant false data, and probe artificial intelligence.

Kinvarous has no knowledge of his life prior to his Enlightenment, and often wonders who he was and since the Technocracy forbids such activities, it often conflicts with his duties. He is highly vengeful, and holds no empathy for anyone making him an efficient killer.

At the end of a long day at the office Kinvarous usually relaxes in the Casino and winds down at the bar, then rebuilds his Primal Energy at the craps table.

*Kinvarous is my 6 year Tech. He is not going to be directly involved in the story lines, but be more of a 'behind the scenes' kinda character. He will help or hurt as the game progresses. I will always help someone if they need it, or discpline characters in game if they deserve it.*

Attributes for Kinvarous -

Alertness - 0*0*0*00
Athletics - 0*0*0*00
Awareness - 0*0*0*00
Brawl - 0*0*0*00
Dodge - 0*0*0*0*0* - Sidestep
Intimidation - 0*0*0*0*0 - Fearlessness
Leadership - 0*0*0*0*0 - Friendly
Streetwise - 0*0*0*00
Subterfuge - 0*0*0*00
Drive - 0*0*0*00
Energy Weapons - 0*0*000
Firearms - 0*0*0*0*0* - Heavy Weapons
Stealth - 0*0*0*00
Survival - 0*0*0*00
Technology - 0*0*0*0*0* - Electronics
Interrogation - 0*0*0*0*0 - Threats
Security - 0*0*0*00
Torture - 0*0*0*0*0 - Exquisite Pain
Computer - 0*0*0*0*0 - Viruses
Finance - 0*0*0*0*0* - Black Market
Medicine - 0*0*0*0*0 - Pharmaceuticals
Science- 0*0*0*0*0 0 - Metallurgy
Pharmacopoeia - 0*0*0*0*0 - Hypermeds
Power-Brokering - 0*0*0*00
Propaganda - 0*0*0*00
Psychology - 0*0*000[url][/url]

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Kinvarous - Syndicate Enforcer
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