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 Welcome to Limitedtransaction Forums!!

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PostSubject: Welcome to Limitedtransaction Forums!!   Sun Jan 06, 2008 4:31 pm

Welcome to our Forum boards.


--We have rules to protect our guildies. We won't tolerate rude or unbecoming behavior from anyone.

- Be respectful to your guildmates we don't ask for much, just a little friendliness and huggles all around.

- Don't limit the profanity. Eliminate it. There may be minors among you. I will not be responsible for coloring their lives.

- Try - ever so try to avoid conversations regarding politics or religion. They can escalate real quick and in the end everyone loses.

- ^^ 3 rules we can handle that right? well, here's a couple more.....

- Do not Spam the Chat Log. If you want to buy something, post in the bazaar.There are 2 warnings for this.

- Do Not Ask for Money(Gold).We do not give out/loan gold, and if you do, don't look at us for reimbursement.

- Second Accounts -- If you have second, third or fourth accounts, Bring them in too. Failure to comply with this request will get you kicked.

- Officers are the law. We will never warn you on chat only in whisper. If you are misbehaving we will find out. Disciplinary measures will be taken.

--DEMEANOR - Guild Personality and Motives

- Please don't shut out your guildies. If they need help see what you can do. Don't tell them they're wrong, show them your point of view.

- Remember - if you are unsure about something, ASK. "There are no stupid questions only those we don't have answers too."

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Welcome to Limitedtransaction Forums!!
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