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 Cloud's poetry - "Blind Pleasures"

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PostSubject: Cloud's poetry - "Blind Pleasures"   Mon Jan 07, 2008 1:17 am

Blind pleasures,
Wrapped around my neck,
Choking me,
Engulfing me,
Holding me back,

Blinding pleasures,
Always there for me,
Protecting me,
Enticing me,
Driving me,

To do better,
Or to do worse,
I don't know,
But whatever the outcome,
At least I tried,
Fail or succeed,
It's all the form of man,

To go beyond the efforts of man,
Is to transcend yourself,
To do something greater than you,
For another like you,
Maybe the one you love,
Or even the one you hate,
The definition it is,
Of a true hero.

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Cloud's poetry - "Blind Pleasures"
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