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 Cloud's Poetry - "Dead Garden"

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PostSubject: Cloud's Poetry - "Dead Garden"   Mon Jan 07, 2008 1:18 am

So what are you afraid of,
I'm afraid of dying,
Why is that,
Natural part of life,
You can't avoid it,
I mean,
If you have nothing worth dying for,
Then what do you have worth living for,
Would you live for an idea,
Could you die for one,
Would you live for a person,
Could you die for one,
Tell me what you have,
And I will tell you what I have,
Because that answer is simple,
I live for hope,
Because I have many dreams,
All of which are just out of reach,
I hope I can reach them someday,
All my dreams, wants, desires,
And even my hopes,
Can't even fill one need,
My need to feel,
I have been void so long,
I think,
The world has become redundant,
Oblivious to my needs,
But concious to my wants,
Cause they are there,
Hanging in limbo,
I just,
Can't get to them,
Having the thought of falling,
Falling so far,
I'll never be able to achieve,
It's a terrible thought,
My greatest fear.

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Cloud's Poetry - "Dead Garden"
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