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 Cloud's Poetry - Shattered Light"

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PostSubject: Cloud's Poetry - Shattered Light"   Mon Jan 07, 2008 1:23 am

Shattered light,
Breaking across the horizon,
A shattered sunrise,
Of transfixing color,
Obfuscated by the night,
Showing it's life,
Turning vertical,
Falling like rain,

Broken light,
Shining like prisms,
Reflecting beams of color,
Warming the atmosphere,
Shattered from the dawn,
Falling from the sky,
Of a new day,

Shattered light,
A never ending dream,
Created by fate,
For all of us to enjoy,
An adventurous journey,
Of shattered light,
It brings with it
A broken sunset,
Shattered and unexpected
It appears,
Waiting for the night,
To be once again,
Swallowed by darkness,
It is there for a moment,
For a world of people,
To blind to see the light.

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Cloud's Poetry - Shattered Light"
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