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 Cloud's Poetry - "Mental Menagerie"

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PostSubject: Cloud's Poetry - "Mental Menagerie"   Mon Jan 07, 2008 1:25 am

I think I have spent,
A little to much time,
Too much effort,
On something that,
I thought would help,
But it's only been a burden,
These last few years,
As a child growing up,
I fell in love young,
And she hurt me more,
Than you could possibly imagine,
So, I just closed up,
I didn't open again,
For a long time,
I hid myself behind walls,
Walls I spent a long time building up,
And now there to tall,
No one can get in,
And worst of all,
I can't get out,
Trapped within my own,
Mental landscape,
A menagerie of the past,
One I can't escape from,
I only wish,
I could escape my own prison,
Stuck in a world,
I created long ago,
To keep from getting hurt,
But only one person has the key,
To this mental menagerie,
And that key,
Is something special,
They, call it love....

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Cloud's Poetry - "Mental Menagerie"
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