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 Cloud's Satire Central - "Roled Technology and Humanity

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PostSubject: Cloud's Satire Central - "Roled Technology and Humanity   Mon Jan 07, 2008 1:26 am

Cellphones and Ipods,
Ringtones and the Internet,
Email, IM, AOL, and Networks,
Microsoft and Google,
Playstation, XBox, Nintendo Wii,
T.V., Dvd, HD,
Sci-Fi and Reality,
Idol, Race, and Survivor,
I remember the good old days,
All the classics,
Sitcoms, gameshows, action pack,
Hercules, Xena, B-5 and Viper,
People today,
They have no patience,
They have no time,
With all this Technology,
People still have no time,
Data planners, calanders, and mobile alerts,
and nobody can watch time,
They pay for ringtones,
and fileshare online,
They mail thier friends,
and get I.M.'s instead,
Viruses, Trojans, Malware and Shareware,
Find me someone who knows,
Just what these things are,
I miss the good old days,
We could think for ourselves,
And not rely on Bill Gates,
The more work it does,
The less work we do,
We have been breed,
To accept our Technology,
To acknowledge our ignorance,
But we are just people,
only separated by our greed,
But then again,
Who's mocking who,
Who? Only you.

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Cloud's Satire Central - "Roled Technology and Humanity
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