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 Cloud's poetry - "Barrier Heart"

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PostSubject: Cloud's poetry - "Barrier Heart"   Mon Jan 07, 2008 1:35 am

Don't ever stop to think about why,
You decided to love because you will start,
About how to stop and why you jumped,
In the first place you'll always know why,

You love her that's all that matters,
And if she loves you it's all the better,

Love is a simple thing but so complex,
To explain or even understand,

It's just a feeling,
It takes over so much,
Makes us do things,
Like blush, or look away,

Sometimes it frightens,
Sending you in a corner,
Afraid that you can't
Have something,

So wonderful, Beautiful,
It fills you with so much joy,

The fear of being truly happy,
Is such a fright spending your life,

With the love of your life,
Your first and only, true love.

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Cloud's poetry - "Barrier Heart"
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