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 Cloud's Short Story - "Winter Drops"

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PostSubject: Cloud's Short Story - "Winter Drops"   Mon Jan 07, 2008 1:38 am

A cold, damp evening towers over eastern Vancouver giving lie to the night breeze, as Winter S'Zemetski hurried to meet her boyfriend at thier local cafe.
Winter rushed along the limestone path on her way to the cafe, looking at her watch thinking, "God, I'm gonna be late, I hope he doesn't leave." She continued
down the street, her heels pounding the pavement and her blonde hair flowing in the wind. She clutches her briefcase as a car whizzes by splashing her with
curb water. Drenched by the deluge, she falls on the wall behind her and slumps to the ground. Her face in her hands, her cellphone rings. She answers hollowly
"hello?" Her voice choked with frustration. "Winter? It's Alex. You're running late. Is everything ok?" Sobbing she replied,"no. no it's not" She barely got the
words out before she began bawling into the phone. " Winter, where are you? Whats wrong?" Alex asker her, his words becoming more worrysome. She told him she
was only a few blocks away, and he said." Hold on I'll be right there." Alex asked for his check from his waitress, who asked him,"Don't you and Winter usually
have dinner here?" Alex looked at his waitress who was named Irene, and said," Yes we do, but somethings up. I gotta go." Irene looked as worried as Alex, and
told him," Don't worry 'bout it hon. We'll catch you guys next time." Alex nodded appreciatively, and snached up his glasses and coat and left the cafe to find
Winter. A few blocks down the road, Winter was still slumped on the wall her face in her hands, sobbing heavily. "Winter? What happened?" Alex knelt down
next to her and put his coat over her shoulders. He picked her up and walked her back to her house.

A half hour later, steam filled Winters bathroom. She stepped out of the shower, and into a waiting towel Alex was holding up. She fell into it, laying her
head on Alex's chest and shoulder. Alex ran his fingers through her hair, and he led her out into their bedroom, and she laid down on the bed. Alex sat next to
her, wanting to know what had happened that day. He thought to himself, "I should let her rest. He took up residence beside her, and took Winter into his arms.
Slowly, a smile began to creep along Winters lips, and she took his hand, and whispered, "thank you." Winter fell asleep quickly, but before Alex closed his
eyes, he noticed holding Winters hand, she had a new ring. It didn't look like a normal ring, just flat and silvery looking. He wasn't going to bother her
with his questions till she got some rest.

6 a.m. The morning light shone through Winters bedroom window. As she rolled over, she realized Alex wasn't in the room. She smiled as she remembered
what he did the night before. She thought to herself," I am so lucky to have Alex." As she thought about all the hassles she would have deal with today, her
door opened and Alex walked in carrying a tray. As he put it in front of her, she thought,"Breakfast in Bed?!" Alex made her pancakes, eggs, bacon and sausage
with milk and water topped off with a rose. She smiled and looked at Alex with loving affection. As they ate their breakfast, Winters phone began ringing
in her purse. She tried to go answer it but Alex said, "After breakfast dear, that phone is just bad news for you." They glared hostile looks at each other
and Winter slumped back against her pillow taking another bite of her egg, knowing Alex would win that one. As they finished breakfast, Alex got up and
took the tray, kissed Winter, and said," I'm gonna go take care of this. I will be right back." She smiled at him as he disappeared from the doorway.
Winter jumped out of bed and grabbed her phone and said," Why the hell are you calling me at home!?" The person on the other end said in reply," You worry
to much Agent." We have a job for you." Winter threw her arm up in the air and said," What now? haven't I done enough?" "Fear not Agent meet us on the
corner of fifth and netter next to the rally. We have matters of mutual self interest to discuss." The person promptly hung up the phone, while Winters
was saying," Self interest, what the hell is that?!" Alex cleared his throat as he stuck his head in the door. Winter spun around to find him in the doorway.
"Everything alright in the office honey?" She tilted her head and smiled,"Yeah, they are just being difficult." "So, whats this 'self interest' thing? Some
new bank idea?" Alex was fishing for answers and Winter knew it. "She looked around as if excuses were written on the walls. "Yeah, I uh, want to take out a
mortgage....she stammered as she made haste for the restroom. Alex, confused said," Honey, we rent..."Winter stuck her head out the door, toothbrush in hand,
mouth full of toothpaste, choked, "Oh, right.. For the future.." Alex shook his head and chuckled, and walked back to his dresser and pulled out a tie.[justify]

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Cloud's Short Story - "Winter Drops"
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