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 The Ashen Steed

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PostSubject: The Ashen Steed   Mon Jan 07, 2008 10:21 am

The Ashen Steed

tis a destiny of resistance
this flavour of you
mixed with me

the candlelight illuminates my visions
making shadows dance
and fantasize your touch

the night caresses my breath
reliving your precious memories
over and over in my mind

it is the dawn that draws you near
it brings your vision to my eyes
and your touch to my flesh

as the sun arises
you fade like a vampyric ashe
your memory remains

i fantasize your existence
you are not in hallowed ground
you never existed

my knight upon the ashen steed
your armour is translucent
your night has faded

2007 Rainn (All rights reserved)
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The Ashen Steed
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